Artisan: Douglas

Macrame and stone and wire-wrapped necklace, bracelets, and earrings from Brazilian jewelry maker Douglas.

We met Douglas one winter night just as he was wrapping up selling on “the Orla” (boardwalk) and getting ready to head home for the night. There are LOTS of artisans on “the Orla”, but the majority of them sit there all day long, all selling the same items as the person sitting next to them. But Douglas’ items different — he has many of the same classes of items, but done in a different way.

Macrame necklace? Check. But, macrame necklace with a color-coordinated polished stone from Chapada Diamantina.

Stone necklace? Check? But, a polished stone that is a wrapped in wire to mimic the vivid Bahian sun.

He does things differently, and does really beautiful work. In addition to this more traditional craftwork, he also has “recycled” art. He and his partner Teresa take used silverware they acquired in Italy or Brazil and combine it with stone, leather, and rubber to make rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces — and even belts and shoes.

Upcycled jewelry from Brazilian maker Douglas

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