Artisan: Edivaldo

Wire and String Earrings in green, yellow, blue, and red

The “opportunity” that comes with buying one-of-a-kind or one-of-a-few items is that when you find something really cool, it’s hard to get more. You have to hope you run into that artisan again or can find someone doing something similar.

A couple of years ago, in one of my evening-street-vendor-buying binges, I got these super-cool hoop earrings made of coiled wire and string. I loved them, and then when I wore them back in the States everyone kept commenting on them. I looked and I looked, and couldn’t find the same woman that I bought them from.

This is where Edivaldo comes in. One day while waiting for the bus with my husband, Edivaldo walks by with this wares to sell on his way to “his usual location in front of the hotel” on “the Orla” (the boardwalk). And, HE HAS THOSE EARRINGS. I animatedly start elbowing my husband, who knew I’d been on a mission to find them.

The hubby stops Edivaldo, the two of them start chatting as only two baianos can, and I buy a good portion of his collection. I’m happy to support a person with such a good heart and offers these really unique pieces.

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