Artisan: Manoel

Wire wrapped earrings in green stone, blue stone, and brown stone

“Luck favors the prepared” definitely applies to how we met Manoel. My husband was heading out for the day and Manoel was walking towards the Orla (boardwalk) with his board of jewelry and my husband stopped him. He tells me later he “liked Manoel’s energy” and just had a hunch we’d like his pieces. Of course, this is all happening on the street unbeknownst to me. A few minutes later my phone rings, and it’s my husband saying “hey, I found this guy, he has some cool stuff. Can you come down to the street?”

I grab my wallet and go down to street. My husband is there with Manoel, a very tall, lanky guy with dreads and glasses that have seen better days drinking a small can of Schin (the worst beer known to mankind — trust me on this). Beer taste (or budget) aside, Manoel is a lovely man, with equally lovely pieces to sell.

Rather unusual for the artists we have run across, every single piece of his is either stone, wire, or wire and stone. His work tends to be on the small, intricate side and is really lovely.

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