Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father and daughter drawing

Tired of looking at “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirts and mugs and hunting for something that has a bit more staying power?

Thought so. Every year I take my niece to go buy something for her Dad/my brother, and it’s exhausting trying to come up with a good idea. We’ve done sheets, bathroom towels, kitchen towels, beer subscriptions, and a range of clothing. Some of it hits the mark, and some of it does not.

You know the best gift we’ve ever given him? A handknit Jayne hat (Firefly reference) — I think it’s the only present we’ve ever given him that has been posted to Facebook.

If you also know the pain of sorting through mass-produced gift ideas to find just the right thing to light up Dad’s eyes, then check out the selection of handmade, artisanal men’s jewelry and instruments below.

These are all one-on-a-kind, imported from Brazil, purchased directly from the artisans who made them. I know these people — I know their names, know their faces, and my husband or I have them all on WhatsApp.

So, you know you’re getting something truly unique, and your money is going to support these artisans.

Hand-Selected for Dad

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